Angry Birdz Harp Music!

Playing the harp is the closest I’ll get to creating magic in the real world.

Alex and I had so much fun at the San Dimas Bird Shop today, debuting my new tune “Angry Birdz”.

I believe inspiration begins with imagination and curiosity.  From here, we can create something wonderful.

As we played, all the birds in the shop fell silent and listened very carefully!  This tune has nothing whatsoever to do with “Angry Birds” the game or movie, by the way.  (I wrote it a year before the game was published.)  It came to me after a long hard day dealing with music software. Frustrations were burbling; exasperation beyond measure.  My muse had to deal with it.

Listen to “Angry Birdz” and tell me what you think.  If you play the harp, this tune is wildly different and will definitely make your set stand out!




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