Celebrate a Life



The legend is true…

The harps in ancient days played three strains (styles) of music.

Laughter, Sleep and Tears, which are the broad categories of human expression.  Harp music is considered angelic and heavenly, so it has borne a very special role in serving funerals and memorials throughout history.

Today, we call these precious moments “Celebrate a Life” ceremonies.  A time of remembrance, honor and fond farewell.

Long ago, the sound of the harp was believed to assist the departing spirit on its journey to the world beyond – the realm where music is born. The emotional power of harp music is unique. It is deeply soothing and eases sadness while inspiring hope. Hope connects us all.

Cynthia has been privileged to play compassionate music for many who grieve.  The work is a high calling requiring
perfect skill, emotional maturity and reliability.

Prepared and self-sufficient, with short notice Cynthia can step-in and create a music program that will honor and uplift hearts.  (Her talent serves those of all faiths and beliefs.)

Funeral Music Packages begin at $300
Friday-Saturday & Sunday
Rates are $350 and $400 respectively.

Overtime or mileage fees may apply.
2017 Rates are subject to change.  Industry Provider quantity discounts are available.

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