New Class!

The Artish Harp Studio Presents . . . . .

“Preparing for Group Performances”

Style of Music: Holiday, Novelty Piece: “AngryBirdz”

Sundays, 4:30-7 p.m.
Class Location: The Artish Harp Studio, Diamond Bar

Class Focus:
Harpists will learn how fun and easy it is to play by ear and from simplified
musical scores.

What Will You Learn?
Musical parts of a tune; creating your own study tools
Review Intervals, Scales, Chords & Rhythms
Artistic special effects

All elements applied to a tune list useful in group play.

Who Is This Class For?

New and established harp players, desiring to improve or grow their musical skills.


Cynthia Artish

Cynthia will show you hands-on, how to craft improvisational parts for group play.

 Contact the Studio to register: 909.861.6760