Comfortable Chords


A catchy original tune by Cynthia Artish, teaching basic triad chords, inversions in a I IV V progression. Key of C, fingerings, Beginner+ level; Solo & mixed-level group. 22 pages w/ CD.


Another great performance piece & skill builder from Intuitive Harp™- Play to Learn curriculum.
This 22 page book teaches a simple memorable tune using a I, IV, V chord progression; layering progressive left hand patterns. The melody is built on Major chords of C, F and G triads in Root, 1st, 2nd inversions with a variety of basic play patterns. Fingerings, chord symbols and learn by ear tune relating to scales and chord building, included.  In the Key of C, the tune can be easily transposed to other keys as desired and used in ensembles for all levels of players. Comfortable Chords is an excellent technique builder and gateway to improvisation and music theory. Easy to learn by ear or read. Teachers, play WITH your students in any mixed-level group! Solo-Ensemble, Beginner-Advanced Levels; Teaching Tools.  Study audio CD included.  Teacher Guide available; extra edition, not included.